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Atlanta Public School Board - District 6

Runoff Election

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Welcome to the Campaign to Elect Dell Byrd!!!
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To My District 6 Family:

The conscience of a community can be measured by the way it cares for its children! Some of the most productive and prominent individuals in the United States were trained in Atlanta Public Schools. Today, we continue to hear great stories about a few students however we owe a quality education to all! While the eyes of the world are on our educational system, why not restore the confidence of the community by bringing together a school board that will work together with children at the top of their agenda. I have the experience, passion, full availability and energy to help to fix this!

As a former APS parent I have observed and participated in the system as it exists. As an experienced educator with advanced academic credentials and critical assessment skills, I have the aptitude to create the productive environment it should be! As global competition becomes more challenging, we cannot allow a deserving generation to lag behind, to fail to graduate, to have less than the finest in educational opportunities! We must move quickly and with skilled expertise to save our children!

Please vote for me and watch the difference I will work to accomplish along with other individuals elected. Every second counts and every member of the school board must fully commit to a superb educational experience. Elect me and watch a champion effort on behalf of your children!

Dell Byrd, Ed.D

Marvin Arrington, Sr.

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Marvin S. Arrington, Sr.
Retired Judge, Fulton County Superior Court
Former President of the Atlanta City Council
"It is my distinct honor and pleasure to give my unqualified support to Dell Byrd to serve on the APS School Board in District 6. I support Dell Byrd because she CARES. Her track record of 13 years of service in Fulton County Schools classrooms makes her uniquely positioned to provide the school board with decades of business and education experience and demonstrates her dedication to the success of our children and our schools."

Pastor Gregory V. Eason, Sr.

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Pastor Gregory V. Eason, Sr.
St. Paul AME Church
“Dell Byrd cares about children and their education. Her experience, expertise, commitment, and enthusiasm will enhance the work of education in our school district”.

Emmett Johnson

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Emmett Johnson
Atlanta Board of Education - District 9
"Atlanta board member for 16 years, I support Dell Byrd."

The Dickersons

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Lowell & Denise Dickerson
"We proudly pledge our support to the candidacy Dr. Dell Byrd APS School Board-District 6. Dr. Byrd possesses the requisite skills and commitment to begin the reclamation our children and our city so richly deserves."

Aaron Turpeau, Sr.

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Aaron Turpeau
Chairman/CEO - The Aaron Group
President - 3T Unlimited
"It takes Dreams, Passion, and Experience to change an educational system to meet the needs of our work world. Dr. Dell Byrd has the experience in the class room and the business work world. She has a passion to be part of a team that transitions the Atlanta Public Schools into a system that prepares all students for this new work world we live in.

I support Dr. Dell Byrd for the Board of Education because all of our students need help in changing the system to fit the real work world. Dr. Dell Byrd is a person with Experience and Passion that can positively affect their future."

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